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This coaching is dedicated to actors in the professional sphere, the mental dimension being preponderant for them as much as the physical dimension. Thus I integrate in my methodology a multidisciplinary approach in a performance objective.
The mind helps the physical to strengthen itself and the physical training allows the mind to stay on course for positivity and success.

An individual performance project

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a personalized and individual performance program

Today in the professional world, psychosocial risks are constantly increasing, the well-being at work and the concern of productivity related to performance is a major concern.

The goal of the coaching that I propose is a specific care in the physical and mental domain to assist you in the control of your own performance.

A wide range of physical tools to help you improve your performance:
  • Combat sports – boxing: for stress management, combativeness …
  • Cross-training work on uncertainty: to be ready to answer any request
  • The soft gyms – pilates core training: for self-control
  • Postural weight training (TRX, functional training …): to modify your posture, straighten and work on your nonverbal
  • The running: to evacuate the stress

But also tools from mental preparation: interview, test, training in mental skills (stress management, relaxation, mental imagery, goal formulation, self-confidence …)

An individualized approach to meet your expectations and problems. Together, let’s find the right tools to help you achieve well-being in performance and performance in well-being.

A methodology resulting from mental preparation

  • A semi-directive interview
  • Tests
  • A review
  • L’élaborationThe development of a global performance strategy (intervention on the physical and the mental)

The intervention will consist of both a physical training but also the establishment of the E.A.M. (Workouts to Mental Skills)

These skills are mental imagery, goal setting, inner speech, concentration, self-confidence …

This very generic program is only given as an example.

Each problem is always treated individually, taking into account a context and all the inherent specificities.

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