“I am not sporty, accompanied and guided, good sensations, and a desire to progress. Essential to take care of my lifestyle »
“To try absolutely! After doing several sessions with coaches and EMS room in Paris, I found in Yahia, an expert in investments, accompaniments and especially results. “
“Personalized coaching throughout the session, I do not have the time to do perfectly adapted sports and very fast results”
“I needed a performance expert for many players, discreet and efficient, with modern and cutting-edge methods. “
“Hyper effective! Friendly and competent. After an ultra fast session, you quickly become addicted to sensations. I recommend it to my entourage! Excellent “
“Really revolutionary. The sensations are incredible, Coaching given by a real pro and I feel much stronger: fast bodybuilding, tonic and effective. “
“I got visible results, he guided me throughout my program, he was great. In 20 minutes I really felt all the muscles of my body, I advise you
Guaranteed results !! “
«Adapted to the current world, it’s really amazing, Hyper pro and very nice, I finish the sessions with the satisfaction of having worked well and relaxed»

RÉDUCTION ET CRÉDIT D'IMPÔTS pour les cours à domicile

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