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Optimization of sports performance

Injuries Prevention Specialist

Today, 3 main objectives are outlined in the sports performance:
  • The reduction of injury factors in training
  • The decrease of injury factors in competition
  • Improving the physical qualities of performance
High performance athletes who perform the most are the ones who get hurt the least.

Today in the NBA, the team that wins the championship is also the team that hurts the least …

… but also in many other disciplines, so if you have suffered an injury, or repeated injuries, I will build you a personalized injury prevention, reconditioning and re-training program that will complement the functional rehabilitation.

  • Baseline assessment, monitoring and assessment.
  • Establishment of programs to prevent physical training (physical training is the loss of physical quality due to the cessation of physical activity during injuries)
  • Adapted and progressive programming to reduce the athlete’s downtime related to the medical profession
  • Use of mental qualities for the management of the injury (management of stress, emotions, internal speech, mental imagery …)
  • Mental and nutritional strategies to accelerate healing associated with medical professionals
You are a sports management structure, a sports agent, parent of an athlete, a high level athlete or young hope?

 The athlete has to face a short career.

This is why I propose to you to move towards the optimization of the performances in a perspective of respect for the long-term development of the athlete and also in a dimension of physical and psychological integrity.

  • Baseline assessment, monitoring and assessment
  • Implementation of prophylactic programs (prevention of injuries), but also emergency procedures in case of impromptu injury
  • Improvement of the physical qualities of performance related to the different actors surrounding the athlete (coach, sports structure …). It is important to take into account the specific aspects of each athlete to define a performance approach (improvement of vertical relaxation, power, stamina, agility or flexibility …)
  • Improvement of mental qualities (management of stress, emotions, internal speech, mental imagery …)
  • Food advice
Today the PES (Plan Excellence Sportif), hope centers, training centers are not enough to support young hopefuls to access performance.

Each sports club, federation or discipline, does not have the same conditions to achieve performance and excellence … I propose a long-term commitment alongside young athletes, a commitment to a human dimension for access to the performance:

  • Baseline evaluation, monitoring and assessment
  • Learning the fundamental basis necessary for the life of the high level athlete (postural and educational weight training using weightlifting, acquisition of all the physical qualities to perform in the long term …)
  • Preparation for detections, entrance tests, selections
  • Intervention in all areas of performance
  • Establishment of a long-term athlete development
  • Respect for the triple project (personal fulfillment, private life and sports)
  • Use of mental qualities for career management (management of stress, emotions, inner speech, mental imagery, …)
  • Nutritional advice for long-term comfort
In modern competition calendars, some deadlines unfortunately leave too little time for preparation and anticipation.

I propose longitudinal accompaniments designed to answer this problematic but also punctual interventions.

You are in urgent need of a fast deadline, you need advanced expertise to meet a demanding demand …

  • Optimized performance strategy
  • Elimination of time-consuming elements
  • Preparing for detection, setting up a selection test in a short time
  • Quick intervention to maximize your chances of success
  • Respect for the triple project (personal fulfillment, private life and sports)
  • Use of optimized mental qualities (management of stress, emotions, internal speech, mental imagery …)
  • Nutritional advice

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